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What can I expect in a therapy session?

Sessions generally last 45-50 minutes and are usually conducted in person on a weekly basis but, sometimes longer and more frequent sessions are beneficial, especially in the beginning.  For example some people in crisis or extreme distress may need more than one session per week to aid them through the crisis phase.  We begin the process with an in-depth intake session to aid with determining your primary concerns and issues so that together we can develop treatment goals and interventions most beneficial for you.  During sessions the focus will be on processing your specific situation, underlying issues creating the problem and addressing goals and possible solutions.  Intervention may also include having you actively continue the process by completing outside actions and assignments.  This may include specific assignments such as reading a suggested book, keeping notes regarding specific actions or logging your thoughts.  All interventions are design to help you obtain the most lasting benefits from intervention and to gain tools to continue to growing stronger long after actual intervention terminates.  Our intervention is a team approach with you as the most important team member so you active participation is essential to your progress.

When should people seek a therapist?

Often people wait until they are in crisis to seek a therapist however, more people are becoming proactive in seeking intervention and assistance.  Sometimes we need assistance responding to elevated stressors, developmental or behavioral issues in our children, unexpected life changes or conflict in our relationships.   While certainly therapy can aid with getting you through a crisis, it is important to also know that therapy is beneficial for addressing our management of every day stressors and issues that may be keeping us or a loved one from existing at our full potential.  Therapy can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping for issues such as depression, anxiety, parent-child relationship conflict, low self esteem, poor anger management,  relationship troubles, bereavement, unresolved childhood issues, and stress management.

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept some insurance programs.  Please contact us or check directly with your insurance carrier to verify if we are accepting your program.  It is also important to verify with your carrier your type of coverage (for example, mental health benefits, deductibles, and sessions per calendar year). 

Do you accept insurance for assessments and evaluations?

There are some insurance carriers who provide coverage for assessment and evaluations (for example:  psychological related to mental health issues and pre-surgical) but this is often limited and may not comprehensively cover your needs.  Where applicable and when we are accepting your insurance program, we will work with you to aid you in using your applicable coverage for these services.  Additional assessment and evaluation services not covered by your insurance can be arranged but you would be responsible for the full fee of these additional services.

Psychoeducational evaluations related to learning disabilities are generally not covered by insurance and arrangements for payment must be made at the time of the intake session.

Coaching and Consultation Services are also generally not covered by insurance and arrangements for payment must be made at the time of the initial session or service.

Does therapy remain confidential?

In general, there is confidentiality in communications between a client and a therapist and information is not disclosed without written permission.  However, there are a few exceptions designed to ensure the safety of the client and others. Exceptions requiring prompt disclosure and follow up by law without need for permission include suspicion of:

  • Child abuse
  • Dependant adult or elder abuse
  • Intent of serious harm to self
  • Intent of serious harm to others

While it is our policy where feasible to notify the individual or parent of our concern for abuse or harm, we are still required by law to follow up with the appropriate authorities, persons or services.  When there is concern of self harm we will attempt to enlist the cooperation of the client in securing and making safe guards for their own safety but, by law, further measures may be required even without their permission to ensure their safety. 



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